Monday, December 19, 2011

Twenty Things.

1. Seaside hikes with good friends.

2. Christmas lights.
3. Swimming in the ocean.
4. Jack Johnson.
5. Seasonal beers.

6. Hummus.
7. Conversations with five year olds.  I asked the little girl I babysit what she wanted to be when she grows up.  Her response, "cupcake taster."
8. Swinging on swingsets.
9. Seein celebrities in real life.
10. Starbucks gift cards for presents and buying holiday drinks!

11. Holding hands.
12. The Carpenter's Christmas album (makes me think of my mom playing it all season long!)
13. Cowboy boots.
14. Sending encouraging e-cards to friends. (ha!)

15. Yoga.
16. Morning runs.
17. Fun farewell letters from friends.

18. White wine.
19. Inspirational art. (via Pinterest, source unknown.)

20. The Head and the Heart. I am currently obsessed with all of their music. Genius.

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