About Me!

Hello world!

So, about me...I'm kind of a hot mess.  Yeah, I can admit it.  I am far too emotional, too analytical, (way) too sensitive.  I'm also literally messy.  I'm not the biggest fan of cleaning my room.

On the other side, I'm a good person.  A loyal friend.  A deep thinker.  A creative spirit.  I think a lot about the little and big things of life and the ways of the world.  I contemplate the meaning of things.  I like to take pictures and sort of recreate the world the way I'd like it to look.  Or, rather, the way it looks in my heart. 

My blog is a scrapbook of my thoughts, inspirations, photos, and creations. If you can grab a little inspiration or perhaps an "I'm not alone in that!?" feeling, well then, the blog has served its purpose right there. :)

Much Love,