Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Elsie's Ideas.

I read Elsie's inspirational blog, A Beautiful Mess, as part of my daily routine.  I sip my coffee, check my blogs, and soak in creative mojo.  Elsie's recent post on the concept of ideas really struck me.  In the post, Elsie states that she never, ever worries about running out of creative ideas.  She explains that some ideas are great, some just plain bad, and some will never actually come to life, but that they are all an important part of the creative process. 

This post really inspired me to get thinking!  I grabbed my notebook and have been brainstorming ideas with wreckless abandon.  The post reminded me not to stress over the sucky ideas, or the ideas that I never actually get around to creating.  The point is to keep being creative.  There is no way you can take action on everything, but by taking the action of creatively thinking, you are moving in the right direction to make some of those great ideas become a reality.

(elsie's idea pie chart!)

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