Monday, October 11, 2010

My fears, my dreams.

I procrastinate. I avoid. I have built walls around my creativity, and I waste far too much time navigating the twisted maze of my own design. I have gigantic dreams and equally gigantic fears that seem to stand in the way of their realization. I am aware that I create my reality. I am learning that these doubts are unrealistic and certainly self imposed. I am opening myself up to a new way of being. I am opening myself up to being with my dreams.

I am passionate. I am endlessly inspired and I gravitate towards the whimsical side of life. I am creating this blog with the innate purpose of providing inspiration to others, as well as an outlet for my own self expression. I am scared. I am scared of not writing my posts "the right way," not posting the "right" kind of information, and not having a purpose that is worth anything. My inner critic can be a biatch!

If you are reading this, I appreciate you. I have such a strong desire to inspire you. To show you that the world is filled with so much beauty. That we all have meaning pouring out of our fingertips. I hope to grow comfortable enough with myself in this blog world to truly make a difference. I hope to find the strength within to put myself all out there, to write well, and to touch on things that truly matter. "Creativity" is my favorite word, so here we go!

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