Thursday, December 8, 2011

I go walkin' in my dreams...

Sometimes, every now and then, you dream a dream that really means something.  I like to interpret dreams and deem them all quite meaningful, but my dream last night was different. 

My dad has made several appearances in my dreams since his death, which was a little over a year ago.  These special dreams have all spoken to me in different ways.  They have all left a very deep impact.  When I awake from a dream involving my dad, I'm not quite fully awake- I'm still somewhat connected to the dream world where we can share the same space. I really miss simply sharing the same space.

Last night's dream is still floating around in my soul. My dad was there.  And I hugged him.  I have never really touched him in any dreams that I can remember.  He is always around, I am aware he is not alive, he is just there.  Last night, I knew he wasn't alive, and I hugged him.  I hugged him so hard.  I felt the hug in my very being, I can still feel how it felt.  I hugged him in the way where you squeeze your eyes real tight and your hugging is coming from the core of you.  It was that kind of hug.

Thinking of it now makes me extremely comforted.  And loved.  It really meant a lot.

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