Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Decorating Reginald (my Christmas tree.)

I wanted to get really crafty with my Christmas decorating this year, so decided to make my own festive ornaments!  My roomie and I decided to name our Christmas tree Reginald, Reg for short, and here is what he's wearing!

*Tree topper- a floral headpiece that I made (DIY to come shortly.)  We decided it looked lovely on top of Reg.  We also wrapped his top branch with sparkly gold ribbon.  I personally think it looks like it could be in the window of an Anthropology display!  (Maybe I'm getting a little over confident with my tree decorating?)

*Garland- I found this amazing glittery ribbon at JoAnne's craft store.  It is super, super glittery, but doesn't shed glitter everywhere! Truly amazing.  I got the ribbon in several colors- bright blue, gold, silver, white, and pink.

*Ornaments- I purchased a ton of plain wooden ornaments in star and circle shapes.  I covered some ornaments completely in colorful sequins, and others using mod podge and patterned craft paper.  I wanted an alternative look, not the traditional red and green.  I love Reggie's color scheme!

*Extras-  I also found some bright blue snow flakes in the $1 bin at JoAnne's craft store.  And, of course, no tree is compete without lots of colorful (or white- your choice!) lights!

(Sorry for the blurry pics! Not cool.)

I am truly comforted when I walk in my apartment and see Reginald's beautiful decorations!  I've had such a wonderful holiday season this year. :)

How do you decorate YOUR tree?

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