Friday, December 30, 2011

Bring it, 2012.

I started writing out a little rough draft for my generic "New Years!!!" post, and even filled a whole page with inspirational musings and reflections on what I learned in 2011. I got super into my thoughts and introspective. In honor of my resolutions for 2012, however, I decided to tear up my analysis and throw it in the trash!

I want to be free in 2012! I simply want to live each day to the fullest and do the things that nurture who I am at my core.

This means MORE:

This simply means more of what makes me smile and less of what crinkles my brow into a worried face. Life is so short and I am so incredibly lucky to be a healthy young woman with dreams in my heart, so I intend to forge ahead and live the life I have imagined in 2012. The no crinkle face part also implies that I won't care so much about what anyone else thinks or understands about me, and WILL care about what I think and understand.

I'll leave this last post of 2011 with an adorable duet from two of my most favorite people, Zooey and Joey. I'm in love with this video and these two. Simply in love!!

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