Tuesday, December 6, 2011

20 things.

1. sushi
2. playing "keep it up in the air" (still SO fun!! big kid alert.)

3. dive bars
4. my Christmas tree! (we named him Reginald.)

5. funky nail polish
6. live music! (Especially when balloons are involved. Matt and Kim included balloons in the show I saw this past weekend. Made me love them even more!)

7. belly laughter
8. honey as a sweetener for everything
9. Urban Outfitters - makes me want. everything. in. store.
10. cozy blankets
11. playful puppies
12. my mom (especially my mom playing the dance game with xbox kinect!)

13. fancy perfume
14. guys who surf
15. the avett brothers...always.
16. tights in every color (I just ordered a few pairs from welovecolors.com. They have every color you can imagine!)
17. inspirational blogs
18. stickers!
19. art galleries
20. Trader Joe's Goddess salad dressing (truly addictive.)

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