Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A peek inside my journal...

(sorry for the blurriness...caffeine intake isn't conducive to steady camera work...)

I wrote this inside my journal cover the other day.  It is a reminder for myself that the goal of living a creative and inspired life is never actually reached.  There is no point that I will reach where I will just, "have it all", and stop growing, stop struggling even.  The task of moving forward and not settling means just that- I won't settle into some comfortable spot.  I won't just be "done."  There is always a new challenge to take on, a new idea to ponder, a new idea to create. 

I sometimes get down thinking that life is just an endless struggle.  I imagine all the work I've put into things and get discouraged that I often end up in the same spot again.  When I end up back in an unwanted spot, heavy with past mistakes and regrets, I have to remember the wise words of Jay Z and just get that dirt of my shoulders! Go 'head brush ya shoulders off!

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