Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My dad's pottery.

These pottery pieces were my dad's.  He loved them and displayed them on the mantle in our house growing up.  They were some of the only things that were uniquely his.  He didn't really care too much for fancy clothes, fancy decorations, or fancy foods...but he passionately loved fancy architecture (Frank Lloyd Wright was his favorite architect) and these fancy pots!

My mom let me and my brother choose which pieces of pottery we would like to have from my dad's collection.  I chose these and have displayed them in various ways in my apartment over the past few months. 

I recently re-organized my arts and crafts supplies and came up with creative solutions for storing my artsy stuff.  My dad was an artist, an architect, a tree-house designer...so in a lot of ways I like to see him as guiding me in my creativity.  I like to think that he can be there for my inspirations, push me further, and encourage me into new artistic endeavors.  I decided to store my paint pens and brushes in these pots.  I will only place them in very clean, of course, but I like the idea of incorporating these pieces into my creative process.  I like the idea that my dad's energy can mingle with my creative tools.  I hope that he would like my current use for these, and I will continue to take the very best care of them!

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