Monday, November 21, 2011

I think I can!

I'm in some serious need of fitness motivation and a jump start in my health/wellness routines.  I went on a hike yesterday with a group of friends and we were magically all on the same page about our fitness.  We all admitted we need a lot more motivation and need to be a lot more physically active in our lives. So we decided to go hiking every Sunday (or as many as we can!) and also check in on how we did with our fitness over the week.  We even started a Facebook group!

I am also going to start a sticker system (inspired by my friend Morgan) where I give myself a sticker every day I work out, and after 30 stickers I reward myself with something like a massage, pedicure, etc.  I am aiming to work out at least 3 times a week. 

For me, I can be a depressed slug when I'm not working out, and after just one work out ( I worked out this morning, go me!) my mood is completely uplifted.  I feel positive energy flowing through my body, feel more confident about myself and my life, and feel a glow that only comes from getting physical.

Here are some pics from our hike :)

We saw a fox!

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