Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sturdy up, sturdy up your heart.

Dear Heart,

I hear you. 

I hear your yearnings for a more creative life.  I notice your twists and turns at the idea of travel.  I feel you practically leaping at the chance to feel the warm embrace of someone who truly cares for you. 

I promise to listen to you.  I vow to move my body and mind in the direction of your wishes.  You are everything, really.  My life centers around your warmth, or lack thereof.  Like the childhood game of "hot" and "cold", where one is "hot" when they are close to the prize, and "cold" as they vear away, the way you feel in any given moment is a barometer of how authentically I am living my life.  You are warm when I'm listening to you, connected to you, and keeping you close to the things you desire.  You are cold when I ignore you, deny your wishes, and put you through uneccesary abuse.

I promise to let you guide me.  I promise to follow you into unknown territory.

In return,  I am going to have to ask you to grow stronger.  I am going to need you to be stable in the midst of chaos, to be secure in the face of rejection, and to be outspoken in the face of disbelief.  I believe in you, now you are going to have to believe in you, too. 

I know we can do this.


Listen to "The Beautiful Girls" by La Mar.  Soak up every last word.

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