Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Silent Auction Craftiness

My office recently held a silent auction benefiting the Susan G Komen foundation.  Funds raised this year will help pay for employee registration for the Race for the Cure run, a fundraiser being held at San Diego's Balboa Park in November.  If you are in the area and interested in the event, check it out here.

I love that my office does stuff like this, and always jump at the chance to somehow get involved.  This year I auctioned off two items.  My friend Megan and I created crafty greeting cards which sold for $20 dollars.  We had so much fun making them.  Like...a LOT of fun.  I want to make more and more.  We used printed craft paper from Michaels, blank cards, a craft stick, some Instagram prints of mine, and our imaginations. Check out some of my favorites from our "collection."  (We kept pretending we had a greeting card biz...often calling our cards our "latest collection." Yeah, we're dorks.)

In addition to crafty cards,  I auctioned off four hours of free babysitting.  True story:  I run a babysitters club.  I have about 7 clients now that ask me to nanny on a weekly basis.  I'm babysitting tonight, in fact.  I love working with kids, and am loving the thrill of being an entrepeneur.  I ultimately want to do something that combines children and craftiness full time.  So,  I'm on my way. :)  A woman that I already babysit for ended up winning the bid for my free babysitting.  Here is a lil' card I made for the lucky winner.

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