Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Affirm Yourself.

Affirmations are positive tools for growth in our lives. Our thoughts and beliefs color our world and create our actions. We connect with people based on the energies created by our thoughts. We all have thoughts that are limiting.  They may  tell us we are not enough, not worthy, not creative, not beautiful. We may be very strong in one area of our lives, yet limit ourselves in another. Reciting positive affirmations silently, out loud, or in front of the mirror (hey, it's cheesy but effective!) can help us to transform our inner critic's voice. A daily practice of positive affirming can record over and replace the old repetitive tapes playing in our minds.

Louise Hay is a power house in the field of positive thinking and healing. She has a lot of great products, affirmations, and books. Here are some of her affirmations on creativity. Recite these to yourself in the present tense, as needed. It's great to recite them every day, if possible.  Post them up in your bathroom mirror, on your computer monitor, or in your car.  Seeing positive words every day has a huge effect on our well being.

Happiness and peace take dedication. We must make a choice for ourselves to be happy and ask for guidance towards how we can make that happen for ourselves. Affirmations are great happiness boosters. So...affirm away! :)

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