Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thank you, stranger.

So, I get scared.  I get scared of lots of things.  Of irrational things, of silly things, of nothing at all.  One thing I'm scared of is strangers.  You know, as in, stranger danger.  When alone in a crowd, I close myself off.  I avert my eyes.  I feel anxious at the thought of someone new approaching me.  I try to formulate words in my mind for how I would respond.  I go blank.  Anxiety takes hold.

I'm not saying this is rational.  I'm aware it isn't and, well, I'm trying to change.  I'm really trying to change.

Yesterday I went on a little photo shoot adventure with my i-phone at one of my favorite  San Diego spots, Swami's Meditation Gardens.  These gardens are beautiful, tranquil, relaxing...they encompass any zen word you can throw out there.  I was in my own world, just me and my camera.  It's safe that way.

As I was leaving, a stranger approached me.  I am growing, after all, so I opened myself up.  I let myself be approachable.  I warmly responded to his advance.  He asked if I would like for him to take a picture of me in the gardens.

I blushed.  I said "yes" and handed over my phone.  He snapped two shots of me and I was filled with a sense of warmth.  It was such a simple gesture, but it meant so much to me.  It freed me from my shell.  It really felt meant to be.  He was meant to open me up in that moment.  He was meant to turn the tables, to give me the chance to be vulnerable with a stranger.  A stranger taking a solo photo of me. Me exposing myself, my smile, my stance.  My vulnerability, as simple as the moment really was.

I walked away smiling.  I really thank you, stranger.  Your simple act meant a lot to this girl. 

Here are the shots from the gardens.  :)

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