Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Daily Reads!

I love following up on my favorite blogs and websites on a daily basis.  The blogs and sites I visit serve as a source of inspiration.  Some are focused on fashion, some art, some photography, some spirituality and personal growth.  I love following links, clicking here and there, and stumbling upon new online treasures along the way.  Here are my top picks, check 'em out!

A Beautiful Mess

This is my favorite.  Chronicling the creative life of Elsie Larson (who just got married- check out her awesome wedding details on the blog!),  her blog gives a glimpse into the world of being a vintage/handmade shop owner, young female entrepeneur, artist, photographer, and designer.  Elsie truly does it all!  I admire Elsie for her hard work, determination, and creativity.  She offers several e-courses, lots of D.I.Y. ideas, and advice on making a career out of creativity. A must read.

White Hot Truth
White Hot Truth

Danielle LaPorte's blog gives entrepeneurs a virtual kick in the pants!  She is "interested in liberating truth, raw reality, and grace."  Her purpose is to provide tools so that her readers can be wildly successful, while being fiercely authentic.  I love, love, love her writing.  She also offers an e-course, "The Spark Kit," that boasts rave reviews.

Rockstar Diaries

This is an adorable blog that follows the daily life of a cute, young, creative family.  They just had a baby and she is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen.  The blog is filled with adorable pictures and is a good reminder for me to appreciate the small things in life, as they capture so well on their blog.  This is a simple little joy of a blog.

Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno

This fashionable blog gives a glimpse into the Texan world of two designer, creative, tomboy-ish sisters.  These girls fill their blog with D.I.Y.s, daily life experiences, fun photography, and a refreshingly relaxed perspective.  I like reading this blog, feels like hangin' with an old friend!
Welp, these are just a few of my daily reads! 
Happy Hump Day!


(check out my friend's funny shirt today, tehe:)

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