Sunday, April 10, 2011

A different direction, a different perspective.

First post in a while...

So this is why I might not be the best blogger.  I sometimes mentally travel far away from my passions (on a regular basis) for soul searching and dream weaving.  Some people don't always understand the way my mind works and the way it plays itself out in my actions.  I don't always understand it myself and am working on finding peace with the fluctuations of my moods and its effect on my goals.

I recently took a step back from my blog because I questioned the image of myself and my life that I was putting onto its screen.  I am inspired by beauty, art, peace, love, and happiness.  These are driving forces in my life.  However, to be honest I am inspired by darkness as well.  I have the capacity to sink quite low in my inner world and this is something I've always attempted to stuff down deep.  Doing this during my low moods takes me away from my authentic self.

I am being authentic lately.  I am feeling what I feel and letting it go.  I am not trying to squeeze myself into my created image of a free spirited hippie, because I am much more than that.  I can't quite fit myself into anything other than who I truly am.  I want to keep posting on my blog and watching it grow, but recently I lost the direction I was going with the blog in the first place.

Do I want to have an online art store?  Do I want to pursue art seriously?  What the heck am I doing?

I'm ready to move forward in a new direction.  I am questioning what that is and will keep you posted.  :)

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  1. i dont know when you posted this but it sounds like exactly how i've been feeling! i stopped posting when i'm in a down mood, but you're right, we are still authentically us when we are in those moods. i am inspired very much by the darkness as well! its ok for us to not be happy hippies all the time!