Sunday, January 30, 2011

A snowboarding adventure.

This weekend I went on a true adventure to Big Bear Lake on a snowy weekend for a first attempt at snowboarding. I was scared,eeks! People kept warning me to "be careful" and "not break any bones." I did a few runs down the bunny slopes and mostly fell on my ass until I halfway, sorta got the hang of it. Then we went down the big time, big hill and I am just proud I made it down that thing! At times, I did imagine myself to be a somewhat ok snowboarder...then I would fall on my ass. It was really quite fun! I took lots of pictures and there is a ridiculous video of a ski lift exit gone wrong on one of my friend's cameras...


  1. Love your photos! Gorgeous views. Looks like a fun trip!!

  2. Fun! That was gunna be me too next week...but I'm low on mulla right now. Oh wells glad you had a good time!

    Danielle from

  3. Thanks, girls! :) It was really fun, and now as a result I'm low on mulla, too! Ha!