Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Riding out the lows.

So F.Y.I...I want to be inspirational 24/7. I want to be connected with the innate creativity of the Universe at any given moment. I want to be an artistic genius on a regular basis. I want to explode enlightenment out of my finger tips when I tackle writing a blog post, every time!

But alas, I am human. I have days when all I really want to do is curl deep under the covers and hide away from the beauty of the world. Days when the colors and sensations of life seem mottled and dim. I have learned that to live fully, I must make peace with these murky feelings. I must love myself more on days where I'm not quite living up to my dreams.

When you feel down and disconnected from your true nature, resist the urge to wallow. Instead, take care of yourself. Nurture your inner creator as you would a small child. Rest, breathe, and move your body. Go for a scenic bike ride, take a yoga class, or drink a tall glass of water. Express yourself as you are, even if you aren't feeling all that inspiring. Love yourself always, no exceptions.

Honesty and love are always inspiring, and always with us even in lowness.

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