Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funeral Song.

My dad's recent death has truly made me realize the fragility of life. His memorial service was a small and touching gathering of close friends and family. It was heart warming to suddenly be surrounded by all of the people I love the most. The service got me thinking about what I would want to leave my friends and family with when I leave this world. I know, it's a pretty heavy and quite morbid thing to ponder...but losing my dad made me realize that his life was a lesson I can learn from. All our lives are filled with meaning, and we all have an inspiring message in the core of our time on Earth. I wanted comfort from my dad after he was gone. I wanted to know that he was at peace, that he was proud, and that he wants me to live my dreams to the fullest. I want to make sure the people I love know these things when I die, and so...I want this song to play at my funeral. Heavy thoughts for a mellow Sunday!

p.s. I saw The Flaming Lips live and it was one of those magical, "one of the best moments of my life," experience when they performed this song. I'll remember it always!

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