Sunday, November 28, 2010

A freckled faced red headed girl.

I would like to devote my blog today to one of my biggest childhood inspirations, Pippi Longstocking!  As a little girl, I was completely in awe of Pippi's coolness.  She was free-spirited, gutsy, original, fiery, and fashionable to boot!  I would have my mom put straws in my hair to emulate Pippi's awesome sideways braids, and run around the house wrapped up in a fantasy land.  I take a little of Pippi with me still, her spirit seems evident in my choices to take a solo cross country road trip, be a red haired vixen myself, and boldly create my own sense of style.  I think the things that inspired us as children are innate parts of ourselves that we can still draw from as adults.  What were your biggest childhood inspirations, and how did their influence shape who you are today?

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