Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flickr Sunday Funday.

I am currently basking in the familiar warmth of a Sunday afternoon. A friend just texted me to hang out, and the social butterfly inside knows it would be good to get outside...but my cozy loving self is finding it hard to imagine leaving the comfort of my floral dreamland of a bed.  While pondering that decision, (I think the bed is going to win), I am enjoying soaking in creativity from fellow Flickr photographers (check my Flickr, too!) I had an enlightening conversation today about the basic truth that "you only get what you give."  My friends and I kinda blew our minds on the topic.  I searched for the phrase on Flickr, and here are my favorite results:

via rachel julia

via Willful Suspension of Belief

via xluciex2

via RachelLovesToLaugh

via pre conditional

via dive-angel

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